Friday, May 14, 2010

Harlem Man Breaks My Cherry

I saw Harlem Man about a week after our first meeting. Eventually, we started seeing each other about twice a week. He couldn't get enough of my white bubble butt and I was hypnotized by his black uncut cock.

I was pretty intimidated by the size of Harlem Man's dick. It was the biggest dick I had ever had anywhere near my hole. I'm pretty selective about who fucks me, so my asshole is tight. I had been dreaming all week of Harlem Man fucking me for the first time. But when he dropped his shorts, I was afraid that a fuck that day was not to be. Truthfully, I was afraid my hole was just too tight to get his beast between the pink lips of my ass.

I whispered in his ear: "I don't think I can take it."

I'm pretty sure that wasn't the first time Harlem Man had heard that, or dealt with fear in his partner. When you've got a massive black cock measuring over 11 inches, I suspect you get that a lot. Harlem Man knew exactly what to do. He didn't have to say a word. He loves to rim a tight, pink, muscle hole, and he turned me over on my belly and went to town on mine.

Harlem Man has a gentle manner in bed, particularly for such an imposing man. As he worked his tongue into my puss, the muscles relaxed and opened up to him.

He turned me over again and dug his tongue into my throat. Harlem Man spread my thighs wide and came to rest on top of me. When I felt the raw tip of his massive dick pass over my wet hole, I whispered to him: "Please fuck me." That was all it took. This time, his cock peeled me open and the head made its way into my hole. I could feel a slight burn as the muscles stretched to accommodate him. Harlem Man pushed in slowly, moving his cock into my ass gently but deliberately. I cupped my hands behind my head and showed him my hairy pits.

Harlem Man finally got his entire cock inside me and we rested. His cock was so fucking big I needed a moment or two to take him all the way. We bare fucked for what seemed like hours, but was in reality only about 45 minutes. He fucked me with slow, gentle strokes at first, but gradually increased the tempo. I could feel his raw cock sliding all the way up my hole, and all the way out, lubricated by nothing more than his precum.

I finally couldn't hold out another minute. I moaned into his ear to signal my need to bust my nut. He begged me to hold off a bit longer until his load was ready. I just layed back and splayed my thighs as wide as they would go. Harlem Man dumped his load up my hole at precisely the same time I popped my load onto my gut. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, and we both watched sticky wads of cum drip from the tip of his cock like a spider's web.

We showered together, then laid back on the bed to listen to some music. An hour passed, and we both got hard again. My hole was too tender to take his monster cock for a second round, so we stroked for a while and then I sucked his foreskin deep down my throat. Harlem Man busted his nut again, and I drank it like a glass of milk.

The moment I walked out the door, I started counting the time until I would return.


  1. Great post! Reminded me of a black lover of mine named Henry. After having his cock fuck me I would leave his house beaming with a big smile on my face. What was even hotter were his black neighbors watching me leave knowing I just got fucked up in there.

  2. Oh my god such a hot story, remind me of my very first black lover too !
    He was so powerful in bed and was crazy of my ass !

  3. wow, that's hot! tell us more about this stud.